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deodorant fresh cotton 30/75 ml

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Pure natural deodorant stick without aluminum, that really works. Based on coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate and even more fine ingredients that are good for your skin and protect you against sweat odor. Due to the addition of zinc oxide, this deodorant also works perfectly against hormone sweat, emotional sweat and stress sweat.
Fresh Cotton is an all-natural perfume with the freshness of freshly washed cotton.

Have you run out of deodorant? Then opt for a refill. Good for the environment and your wallet :-)

Good to know:
-> This deodorant does not close off your sweat glands. By sweating you release waste products, so sweating is healthy. So you still sweat, but you no longer smell of sweat.
-> Use very little of the deodorant. You really don't need much to avoid smelling like sweat. If you use too much, you will quickly use up your deodorant, but you also run the risk of skin irritation.

-> If you used a deodorant containing aluminum, you may seem to sweat more during the first few days. This is normal, a natural detox of your body. After a few days, your sweat glands have been 'reset' and the natural deodorant works optimally.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), beeswax, shea butter, zinc oxide, arrowroot, vitamin E, natural perfume made from essential oils and sunflower oil

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deodorant fresh cotton 30/75 ml
deodorant fresh cotton 30/75 ml
deodorant fresh cotton 30/75 ml
deodorant fresh cotton 30/75 ml
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