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deodorant power of zen, 30/75 ml

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The Power of Zen deo protects you extra against the smell of stress sweat. In addition to sodium bicarbonate, it also contains zinc oxide that has a double effect against sweat caused by emotions and stress. The scent of roses and lavender not only neutralizes sweat odors, it also provides extra relaxation. This deodorant is also aluminum-free and 100% natural.

Stress sweat is different from sweat caused by heat. It contains more fatty acids than regular sweat and the bacteria on your skin love these fatty acids. They are the cause of your sweat odor. Zinc oxide converts these fatty acids into odorless zinc salts before the bacteria can do their work . What makes zinc a twice as strong weapon in the fight against sweat odor is that it is also antibacterial! So there are certainly fewer bacteria on your skin that can cause the sweat odor.

This deodorant can be refilled with a refill

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deodorant power of zen, 30/75 ml
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