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Eco Egg washing ball 70 washes

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The EcoEgg washing ball is the alternative to detergent/washing powder.
You simply put it in the washing machine between your laundry, and the movement creates a natural soap that cleans your clothes well without aggressive agents and plastic packaging.

Place 3 bags of the white wax balls and 1 bag of the black wax balls in the egg (detailed instructions are included with the product). You can easily refill the washing ball with a refill every so often.

  • hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.
  • no fabric softener needed
  • for white, colored and dark laundry
  • 70 washes

Ecoegg changes the pH of the water, making the laundry feel naturally soft.
If you still want to use fabric softener, that's no problem.

Tips for use:

- Not suitable for delicates or wool
- Make sure the eco egg has space between your laundry to move in the drum.
- First empty your washing machine at 95 degrees with descaler or vinegar so that your washing machine is clean.
The eco egg does not work properly if there are still old soap residues in the washing machine.

Odorless white pellets: >30% anionic surfactants, 15-30% non-anionic surfactants.
Sodium C12-C16 olefin sulfonate, sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium metasilicate, emulsifier, cellulose gum, sodium citrate.
Tourmaline ceramic pellets: Silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, titanium dioxide, calcium oxide, boron oxide, iron oxide, chromic acid.

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Eco Egg washing ball 70 washes
Eco Egg washing ball 70 washes
Eco Egg washing ball 70 washes
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