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Face oil day/night

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The face oil day is specially intended for the day. Golden jojoba oil is quickly absorbed and gives a matte shine. The face oil has a fresh scent of mandarin from essential oil and a naturally protective UV filter from raspberry oil.

This face oil night is specially intended for at night when your skin is recovering. During the day, your skin has to endure a lot from sunlight, wind, air conditioning and air pollution. Wild rose oil helps restore dry, flaky and sun-damaged skin. Cucumber seed oil is very suitable for sensitive skin and makes your skin softer, smoother and more elastic.

A facial oil instead of a day cream? Most day creams consist of more than 70% water. Water that your skin cannot absorb at all and therefore does nothing for your skin. Part of the remaining 30% goes to the emulsifier, which ensures that the cream remains a cream and does not disintegrate into water and oils. You also need a good preservative to ensure that it stays good for a while. The percentage of active ingredients that remains is quite low.

Contents: 30 ml
Faceoil day: Golden jojoba oil, raspberry seed oil, sacha inchi oil, squalane, almond oil, red mandarin essential oil and vitamin E.
Face oil night: Cucumber seed oil, golden jojoba oil, wild rose oil, geranium essential oil and vitamin E.

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Face oil day/night
Face oil day/night
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