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Lip balm (5 variants)

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'Je bent om te zoenen' kaartje

Loveli's lip balms have recently been renewed and are a sweet gift with something or just because.
Instead of 5 variants, there are now 6: original, apricot, peach, raspberry, cherry and plum.
And the nice thing is, all these ingredients are actually in the lip balms. Only the familiar scents are gone, so all lip balms are now odorless (and also allergen-free! :-)

And finally, the lip balms are now also vegan, because berry wax and coconut oil are used instead of beeswax.

Discover your own favorite or test them all!

These natural lip balms soften your skin, protect and provide your lips with a beautiful, subtle shine.
The lip balms all have their own color and are made from 100% natural ingredients, and therefore do not contain paraffin like most regular lip balms (which seals your skin, causing you to continue to apply).

The original lip balm has a neutral color and scent and is therefore unisex.
Nourishes and cares for the skin of your lips and gives them a very subtle shine through, among other things, shea butter.
The peach lip balm contains peach oil for silky soft lips and candelli wax for a beautiful shine.
The apricot lip balm gives your lips a little bit of color and is full of apricot oil, which is nice for extra dry lips.
The raspberry lip balm has a beautiful pink color and, just as the name suggests, contains raspberry oil, which restores your skin.
The cherry lip balm is full of anti-oxidants due to the coffee cherry.
The plum lip balm , as the name suggests, has plum oil which nourishes your skin extra and strengthens the color of your lips.

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Lip balm (5 variants)
Lip balm (5 variants)
Lip balm (5 variants)
Lip balm (5 variants)
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