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Loveli face mist

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Of course you know how important it is to cleanse your skin after a day full of sunlight, air pollution, make-up and perhaps also UV filters. But if you cleanse your skin with water, it will take hours for the pH value of your skin to recover. Tap water naturally has a high pH value, while your skin naturally has a low pH value. With a high pH value, your skin is much more sensitive to inflammation and bacteria. A child's skin can repair itself in no time, but the older you get, the longer it takes and all this time your skin is much less protected.

The face mist is intended for after your facial cleansing and restores the pH value of your facial skin. Contains aloe vera and is also packed with caring ingredients such as rose water and green tea.

Contents: 30/100 ml

Ingredients: rose water, water, aloe vera, green tea, fermented radish and vegetable glycerin.

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Loveli face mist
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